How to Build a Thriving Stewardship Ministry


In this expanded course, we take what you learned in the Stewardship Impact Workshop and give you the hands-on tools to build a successful stewardship ministry. With over 15 downloadable resources, this course is packed with practical steps that will give you a clear direction and strategy to help you. Whether you're new to stewardship or have been in it for years, this course has something for you!


After this course you will... 

  • Have the information to form a 12-month personal ministry strategy and build a strong, committed volunteer team
  • Understand how to train capable and trustworthy volunteers
  • Know exactly how to put on a successful vision night for your ministry
  • Have practical resources to guide your day-to-day ministry function

What we cover...

  • Stewardship Ministry Structure
  • Building a Ministry Team
  • Recruiting and Training Ministry Volunteers
  • Planning for Success

Plus, we have bonus content!

Over 15 additional downloadable resources, including:

  • Coaching Guidelines
  • Biblical References on Money and Possessions
  • Key Financial Questions and Answers
  • Multisite Ministry Model and Structure
  • Laying the Foundation of Stewardship Ministry
  • Biblical Responses to Financial and Spiritual Issues


... and more!


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